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Image About the mill

Out of a need to guarantee the flour in our products is absolutely fresh, we decided a mill alongside the bakery was essential.
Fortunately Demeter Farm at this time offered us their Austrian built stone mill built from European beech housing two enormous composite granite stones, one of which rotates to grind the grain.
We love the mill because it slowly and powerfully processes the grain without overheating the resulting flour. This ensures maximum retention of nutrients in the flour itself, in particular maintaining the integrity of the wheatgerm oil in the heart of the grain.

We have now sold this mill to Organic Feast in East Maitland and have purchased the same Austrian mill but much smaller as we have downsized our operation and are milling less flour.

Benefits of freshly-milled flour

freshly milled flour We strongly believe in the benefits of milling the grain fresh for our products. The flour is lighter and softer and the volatile germ oils are not lost or destroyed by oxidisation or evaporation.
Wheat grain in particular is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which become readily available as the grain is ground in the millstones. "Readily available" means easier to digest, so the gut better takes in the nutrients on offer, therefore better health benefits.

So-called 'wheat allergies'.

This is a vexed topic created by a lot of mis-information.
It is true to say there are many people who experience difficulty digesting commercial wheat products. The symptoms can be bloating, nausea, cramps, tiredness, lethargy, irritability ...these are the most common.
It is unsurprising that those with more sensitive digestions have this experience. Modern wheaten products have become one of our most corrupted foodstuffs. Refined flour is processed by high-speed steel roller mills, resulting in rancid germ oils and nutrient loss, then chlorine-bleached for whiteness.
The baked product is then supported by a cocktail of synthetic additives and preservatives to ensure appearance, softness, shelf life and so on. Commercial white bread alone can contain up to 27 additives plus added extracted wheat gluten to make the loaf larger and softer.
More and more people, especially children, are reacting to these unnatural products. On the brighter side, our long experience in this area shows that grain grown organically/biodynamically, stored without the use of pesticides, stone-milled and used fresh in a natural baking process is on the plus side of the nutrition ledger and much easier to digest.
In other words around 60%-70% of our customers have had some sort of difficulty with these refined commercial products and happily consume ours to good effect - namely better taste and better energy.
If we had a motto, it would be "Food to feed you", just as all food should.

Flour we sell

We sell three types of biodynamic/ organic flour:

* wholewheat

* unbleached plain (80% bran sifted from wholewheat = lighter flour)

* rye

* spelt

The flour is sold in 1kg packs.

We do sell flour in bulk, a minimum order is 5kg.

Where you can buy

Fosterton Farm Bakery

792 Fosterton Rd., Dungog ... ph: (02) 4992 3408
You need to order by phone or email:

Dungog Bread Van

Dowling St Dungog (outside the CWA)
every Saturday morning 8.30 - 12noon ph: 0407 457 649

How to order

To order flour text Simon : 0439 709 296 .... 2 days prior to collection

or you can send us an email:


Simon Brownbridge &
Loo Boothroyd
792 Fosterton Rd
Dungog NSW 2420

Ph: (02) 4992 3408
0439 709 296 (S)
0407 457 649 (L)



Good nutrition supports change for the better.