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Fosterton Farm Bakery

Image About our bakery

Fosterton Farm Bakery was established in 2002 to service the Newcastle area and was based at the Honeysuckle Market. It was moved in 2003 to the farm at Fosterton where the bakery was custom built to suit our level of production.

The first priority has always been the quality of the product. We are continuously striving to improve the nutrition, taste and appearance of what we make with better ingredients, methods &/or equipment. Therefore, our expansion has always been slow and considered - aiming to improve the quality. We now have an Austrian stone mill so we can freshly mill the flour each week. We source Certified Biodynamic and Organic grains from Australian farmers for the mill.

We are blessed by the unique location for the bakery. Overlooking the river flats with good clean air and plenty of fresh clean rainwater, we believe this adds to the subtle taste or energy in our products.

We are conscious that we live in a world of misplaced and dwindling resources, so it is vital that we are responsible and ethical in our business practices. Living on a farm makes it easy to recycle our waste. Animals and chickens eat leftovers and scraps, water runs off into the orchard. We grow the vegetables, eggs and meat for our savoury pastries and are supplied with some biodynamic dairy products from a neighbour's cow. We purchase our grain direct from biodynamic and organic farmers, storing it on our farm and milling it freshly each week. It is our conviction that by being a part of and supporting biodynamic/organic growers and suppliers we are contributing to a more ethical and equitable food supply chain for those who are interested in making a change.

Range of products


Image Sourdough Bread we supply to shops on Wednesdays:......
* Traditional wholewheat
* Rye Sourdough
* Linseed Wholewheat
* Sesame Wholewheat
* Sourdough Cobs
* Spelt loaves

Sourdough Bread at the Saturday Dungog Bread Van
and Maitland Slow Food Market
* Sesame Wholewheat
* Spelt Cobs and Loaves
* Light Rye Sourdough Cobs & Loaves
* Farmhouse Cob
* Sourdough Baguettes
* Fruit & Honey Loaf

Savoury Pastries

Spinach and Fetta rolls
Pumpkin and Fetta rolls
Beef and Herb rolls
Vegetable Curry

Sweet Pastries

Almond Croissants
Choc Chip Brioche
Lemon Ricotta Danish
Walnut & Cinnamon Swirls
Apple & Ricotta Turnover

Freshly milled flour

Wholewheat Flour
Plain Flour
Rye Flour (orders only)
Spelt Flour (orders only)not currently available 2021

Where we sell our products

Slow Food Earth Market

Slow Food Earth Market
1st & 3rd Thursday each month
8.30am - 1pm
The Levee, High Street Maitland

Dungog Saturday Bread Van

Outside Council Chambers in Dowling Street Dungog
8.30am - 12 noon

You can order and pay in advance to ensure you get what you'd like.
Email us and ask for an order sheet.
Orders need to be placed by 6pm Thursday for the next Saturday.

Shops ... delivered Wednesdays

* Dungog IGA 229 Dowling St ph: 49921988

* Organic Feast Cnr William and Lawes Sts
East Maitland ph: 49347351

* Morpeth SPAR 165 Swan St Morpeth ph: 4933 9502

* Hunter Organics 88 Mitchell St Merewether ph: 4963 6550

* Goodness Me Organics 617 Glebe Rd Adamstown ph: 4952 4262

Farmgate Sales .... not available at present ..2021

Image You can order and pick up bread and pastries at the farm.

Orders need to be placed 2 days in advance:
.... phone on Monday for a Wednesday pick-up (bread only)
.... phone " Friday for a Sunday pick-up (bread and pastries)

To place an order you need to phone: 4992 3408
There is an answer machine and we will return your call.

Biodynamic Nutrition


Simon Brownbridge &
Loo Boothroyd
792 Fosterton Rd
Dungog NSW 2420

Ph: (02) 4992 3408
0439 709 296 (S)
0407 457 649 (L)




Traditional Breadmaking Course details on home page

Next course: date to nbe advised

Simon runs 2 Traditional Bread Baking courses each year.

It's a practical, hands-on course covering: milling and the significance of freshly milled flour; mixing and developing bread dough by hand; how to establish and maintain a "sweet"
sourdough starter; kneading and shaping techniques; rising procedures and baking techniques; grains and their significance.

Send us an email if you'd like to be on the mailing list for the next course.

Good nutrition supports change for the better.